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Digitally printed silk scarf.


It’s us — our emotional cycles, our ebbs and flows, our fluid selves with our ever changing inner landscapes. It’s them — the trees, the rivers, the oceans, the mountains. This piece represents the cyclical nature of shedding layers of ourselves that no longer serves us, and to be reborn into a new version that aligns more with our authentic selves, like an ecosystem in balance. 


Throughout our healing processes, we go through many emotional states that are natural to change. Like the diverse landscapes of the illustration, these emotional states transition into each other, “desembocando” in acceptance and finally, a newfound sense of freedom. 


  • Hand-wash cold with mild soap. Hand-washing will lead to minor bleeding of colors. This will not affect the overall vibrance of the digital print. This item can also be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning will prevent the most bleeding.


    Hand-washing is a healthier, greener alternative as it prevents the use of toxic chemical compounds like Perchloroethylene (PERC), typically used in dry-cleaning processes.


    For more information on fiber, care, and supply chain, please visit

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