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We carry three different sizes of silk scarves:

SMALL / 23 x 23 in. (60 x 60 cm)

MEDIUM / 35 x 35 in. (90 x 90 cm)

LARGE / 53 x 53 in. (135 x 135 cm)


The scarves are designed to be combined and draped together, or separately, in traditional and unconventional ways. Depending on what you want to use it as, you can choose the size(s) that fits your needs best. 

SMALL / Hair tie, head scarf, neck scarf, tied on bag or purse. Combine with a MEDIUM or LARGE scarf to expand its capabilities for creative drapes.

MEDIUM / Head scarf, neck scarf, waist accessory, top. Combine with SMALL or LARGE scarf to expand its capabilities for creative drapes. 

LARGE / Waist accessory, top, sarong. We consider this the most versatile piece of our collection. It can be draped in endless ways.



Most of our garments are designed with a loose fit that accomodates to a diverse range of body types. Minor adjustments on garment's hem, button placement, and other specific measurements are included with your purchase. We will send you a request for said measurements following your purchase to confirm adjustments.

All made-to-order garments are built using your personal measurement chart.

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