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We design every piece as an heirloom – meant to be worn, lived in, danced in, passed on to the next generation, or shifted into something new after years and years of use. We also design them with versatility in mind: each piece can be styled with pieces from your closet that are not ours, while still making a statement. Our pieces are unique, yet functional! We believe that expressive dressing shouldn't be limited to special events, but rather tied to how we feel on a day-to-day. We want you to create a relationship every piece you get from us – to tie care and intentionality in your engagement with it, from wear to wash.

All our pieces are designed using high quality silk and cotton, as well as durable printing and dyeing techniques. The creative director has gone to work, to dance, on bike rides, to dinners, to events, on walks, among other activities, to test all our garments for their strength. She has washed them in ways recommended to ensure proper aftercare is given to each piece after long periods of use. 

We accept all garments for mending and repair throughout its lifetime. As we grow, we hope to incorporate circular design solutions to continue giving new life to past collections.

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