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The first print of the accessories collection started as a release — an intuitive painting that emerged after months of visual receptivity.  It was drawn and hand-painted with gouache in Brooklyn, New York, at the designer’s home studio at the time. The painting happened like her body knew before what to depict: where to place each color, each stroke, and each shape.


Gut feeling (idiomatic)

An instinct or intuition; an immediate or basic feeling or reaction without logic or rationale.


Research has found that intuition is felt in our gut. Our digestive system holds a network of more than 100 billion neurons that connect to our brain.




This scarf was illustrated entirely by hand. Digitally printed on 100% 15 mm silk imported from Korea. 


  • Hand-wash cold with mild soap. Hand-washing will lead to minor bleeding of colors. This will not affect the overall vibrance of the digital print. This item can also be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning will prevent the most bleeding.


    Hand-washing is a healthier, greener alternative as it prevents the use of toxic chemical compounds like Perchloroethylene (PERC), typically used in dry-cleaning processes.


    For more information on fiber, care, and supply chain, please visit

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