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100% silk scrunchie, made from sample yardage for silk scarves.


The prints for these scrunchies were illustrated entirely by hand, printed on 100% 15 mm silk sample yardage by BC Americ a in their facility in South Korea. Coccoons originate from the regions of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and  Sichuan in China, where sericulture works in a cooperative or collective model, and woven in the city of Hangzhou. These regions are directly tied to the ancestral origins of sericulture, and where the Mulberry tree that feeds silkworms is indigenous to. There is some information on chemical intervention to clean the filament during processing stages, although this is still unclear. As I continue my research and gain access to more resources, I hope to find a more transparent alternative.


  • Dry clean ocassionally, only when needed.

    You may hand wash it in cold water, which is a greener alternative. However, contact with water will cause minor bleeding of colors. It will not affect the overall vibrancy of colors.