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Supima cotton poplin, printed with 4-color artwork.


A progression of “gut feelings on a surface”, showcased in one of the scarves, “gut feelings on a canvas” renders intuitive sensations as a full-body experience. 


The print, first created for a scarf, started as release — an intuitive painting that emerged after months of visual receptivity.  It was drawn and hand-painted with gouache in Brooklyn, New York, at the designer’s home studio at the time. The painting happened like her body knew before what to depict: where to place each color, each shape. 


Gut feeling (idiomatic)

An instinct or intuition; an immediate or basic feeling or reaction without logic or rationale.


The print was then expanded into an engineered format, which allowed for a larger, more visually impactful piece. .


For this textile, Amanda explored traditional screen printing techniques  on donated fabric for the most bright of colors, and to research the technique with the hopes of implementing it into up cycling for revitalization in the future. 


The result is the brightest, most eye-catching loose dress, made of Supima cotton poplin and lined with silk organza and soft garment structures. 


THIS GARMENT IS MADE TO ORDER. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production prior to shipment. We will reach out regarding measurements needed to guarantee that the garment fits you best.


  • CARE Gentle wash in cold water. Air dry. Press seams folded out for a wider shape.

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