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MADE TO ORDER - Please allow us one month for the crafting of this garment. We will reach out to you for your measurements to ensure best fit posible.


Cotton poplin quilted shorts, with dark magenta tone.




A white, upside down half sun is quilted on dark magenta cotton, alluding to the early moments of the sunrise, where the sky is lightening up from the pitch black night into dark blue, purple with a hint of yellow. Humans have lived according to the cycles of the sun since the dawn of time. The Sun is about enlightenment, visibility and energy.  It is a source of life for us and many accompanying non-human species. The placement under the waist, around the gut, represents the flow of ideas through our intuition, which comes and goes, rises and falls, through our cyclical nature. 


PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS FOR SHIPMENT. We do a final quality control and edition before shipment to ensure that it's constructed to the upmost quality, and fits you best. We will reach out regarding any adjustments included with purchase.


  • Gentle wash in cold water. Air dry. Press peaks folded out for a wider shape. Note that because this is dyed with natural pigment, there may be some irregularities.

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