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Digitally printed, Supima denim with geometric motif depicting a human body.


CUERPA = body, gendered feminine.


Digitally printed on Supima denim is a wide, body-distorting jumpsuit, our first signature silhouette. The print is an abstract representation of a menstruating body. The designer, as many other people with vulvas, struggles to feel connected to her reproductive and sexual organs, having hormonal imbalances that affect her emotional wellbeing, menstrual cycle and limit her ability to feel pleasure during sexual encounters. In the current system, female bodies’ pain and irregularities are widely misunderstood and dismissed. Depictions of nude bodies, particularly during menstruation, is about taking ownership over our bodies in a world where we are conditioned to hide it, or stylize it, for the male gaze. 


The process of illustrating and building this piece was extremely healing for the designer, and hopes whoever wears the piece can heal their relationship with their body through it as well. The print uses geometric motifs to emphasize parts of our internal and external organs. As you move or press the jumpsuit, the shape of the jumpsuit changes, distorting the body in unusually beautiful ways.


PLEASE ALLOW A MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS FOR SHIPMENT. We do a final quality control and edition before shipment to ensure that it's constructed to the upmost quality, and fits you best. We will reach out regarding hemming, or any other adjustments included with purchase. 


  • Gentle wash in cold water. Air dry. Press seams folded out for a wider shape.

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